Zeta Hand Sign- Dove

Zeta Hand Sign- Dove

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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority embroidered iron-on and sew-on patches. Each patch can either be sewn or ironed on to any garment, ranging from denim and camouflage to leather and cotton. Have even seen people add patches on to crocs shoes, hats, bags etc.

High quality 100% embroidered iron on or sew on patch.

Approximately: 3-4 inches tall and/or wide.

How to Iron-on:
1. Turn your Iron on to the hottest setting so it can warm up (usually the cotton or wool setting)

2.Place your patch in the desired position then place a piece of cotton fabric or teflon sheet over the patch

3.Using pressure, firmly place your iron on the patch for about 30-45 seconds (NO BACK & FORTH MOVEMENT)

4.Turn your garment inside-out and repeat Steps 2 & 3

5.Allow the patch to cool down (at least until it is no longer warm to the touch or 60 seconds, whichever comes first)